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Gårslev - Picnic shelter

The visiting and picnic area is located in Gårslev in the middle of Skolebakken. The picnic area consists of a set of benches with seating. The picnic area, called Madpakkehuset, is located along the scenic Marguerite Route.

Facilities: table and benches

Number of people: 6 people

Toilet: No

Access to water: No

Access to firewood: No

Other facilities: There is access to the tower where there is a small exhibition and a book swapping library

Parking: You can park at Gårslev Hallen opposite the tower

Accessibility: Wheelchair users can visit the tower using a ramp. There is access to water and toilet facilities at Gårslev Hallen.

Description: The site is an old transmission tower, which today is open to visitors. Inside the tower, you will find a bookshelf where you can take a book with you for free, or hand in a book you wish to pass on to others.

The tower is also home to a painting and ceramics made by the citizens and schoolchildren of the town in collaboration with artist Jette Løwén. The visiting area offers views over the fields.