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Vinterferie på Koldinghus

Winter in the Triangle Region

Photo:Destination Trekantområdet&Destination Trekantområdet

Get great experiences in Billund and Kolding during the winter holidays

Experience winter holiday activities in Billund and Kolding with a focus on art and design at Trapholt, maritime adventures at Koldinghus, LEGO House's Build the Change experience, and historical explorations at Museum Kolding. From Mardi Gras fun at MARK with keg beating and crafts to interactive exhibitions and workshops, the region offers diverse experiences for families and children.

Gå på opdagelse i vinterens aktiviteter i Billund og Kolding

Børn på Trapholt

Go exploring at Trapholt during the winter holidays

Trapholt offers a range of winter holiday activities for art and design enthusiasts, including an exhibition on Nanna Ditzel, British High Tea, creative workshops, and Arne Jacobsen's summer house. For the children, there is a creative workshop focused on light and shadows, which encourages creative expression. The park invites you to stroll among the sculptures and architecture. With free entry for under 18s, there is something for everyone.

Vinterferie på Koldinghus 2023
Steen Pedersen

Sail to the Arctic Circle with the Royal Ship Dannebrog

During the winter holidays, Koldinghus offers a special experience with the exhibition about the Royal Ship Dannebrog, which includes shadow theater about arctic baptism, educational knot workshops, and family-friendly activities such as signal flag interpretation and ship drawing. Visitors can also dress up in sailor clothes and take a memorable photo. Free for children under 18 and season ticket holders.

Build the Change hos LEGO® House ny udstilling
LEGO House

Try this year's novelty in LEGO House®, Build the Change

Visit the new Build the Change experience at LEGO House and become an architect of hope and a designer of change. Join the team of minifigure scientists and unleash your creativity, dream BIG and design playful solutions to the challenges facing our planet. Your fun and creative LEGO builds will not only inspire a brighter future - you will also become a genuine Change Maker.

Complete your LEGO House experience with a lunch in restaurant MINI CHEF, where you will have your food served by LEGO robots, as well as a visit to the LEGO store, where you will find a number of exclusive and unique LEGO sets that can only be found in LEGO House.

Vinterferie på Skamlingsbanken
Museum Kolding

Lots of activities at Museum Kolding during the winter holidays

Museum Kolding invites you to experiences during the winter holidays for children at Skamlingsbanken, Staldgården, and in Christiansfeld from 10 to 18 February 2024. At Skamlingsbanken, families can enjoy bonfires and snobrød, while Staldgården invites you to a creative workshop where children can make a dove of peace. In Christiansfeld, a time travel experience is offered to help a historical girl find her home. These activities offer a unique blend of history, creativity and outdoor experiences, created to engage children of all ages.

Vinterferie på MARK 2024
Mark | Museet for Ny Danmarkshistorie

Experience the 'party before Lent' at Mark

The Fastelavn celebration runs through week 7 (February 11-19), where visitors can participate in creative activities such as Mardi Gras rice and mask making, a Fastelavn hunt to learn about the tradition, and experience Museumsgården Karensminde. There will also be a mini-exhibition on beer brewing. Mardi Gras Sunday is marked with barrel beating, and there are special events in Kaffestuen on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Events during the winter holidays

Explore our event calendar and see what you and your family can experience in our area during the winter holidays.

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