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A bunfire hut and shelter - Hoppes Skov south of Kolding

Campfire and shelter in Hoppes forest

In Hoppe forest near "Svanemosen" you can spend the night or make bonfires in the beautiful bonfire hut with shelter function. The bonfire hut is located overlooking an open grassland, right on the edge of the forest and close to the bird tower at "Svanemosen". The bonfire hut is available to everyone as long as it is not booked.

It is free to use the bonfire hut and shelter. There is room for approx. 25 persons. 

There is access to a composting toilet. It is a good idea to bring water, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and wood for the bonfire.

Book bonfire hut and shelter

A bonfire hut and shelter can be booked on the "Naturstyrelsens" website.



You can find the nearest parking by following the signpost of the small dirt road after Tværford 15, 6000 Kolding.