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Elbodalen - Route T15 - Bicycle route in Kolding Nord

Højrup - Gudsø - Kolding

The route follows regional route 58 along the Elbodalen valley and Gudsø river. Elbodalen has a rich plant and bird life and up to 40-metre-high slopes, which were created during various ice ages. The walking trails invite you to take a brisk walk, and along the way you may want to stop at Himmelpinden to enjoy the view. Continue past Gudsø Mill, a relic from the time when hydropower was an important source of energy in Denmark. The mill has been described in literature dating back to 1578, but was probably built in the Middle Ages. The existing mill building was constructed in 1867 and has been renovated regularly. In Kolding town, we suggest you visit one of the many attractions such as the old royal castle of Koldinghus, which is located in the centre of town. Kolding’s atmospheric town centre has many specialty shops, restaurants and cafés, so if you feel like spending a bit of time in a town, then Kolding is a good choice.

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  1. Bøgebjerg
  2. Gudsø Møllebæk
  3. Gudsø Mølle
  4. Himmelpinden
  5. Fodboldgolf
  6. Trapholt Museum
  7. Dansk Sygeplejehistorisk Museum
  8. Elvighøj
  9. Houens Odde


    Hotels / Inns

    Hotel Koldingfjord
    Best Western Kryb I Ly

Bed and Breakfast
Artist's B&B
Maybom Kolding

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