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Fredericia BeerWalk

Have you tried Fredericia's new BeerWalk?

Fredericia BeerWalk - combine good beer with cozy experiences

Fredericia has its very own BeerWalk!

At Fredericia BeerWalk, you'll have a unique opportunity to taste good beer in good company. The tour takes you to five selected establishments where you'll have ample opportunity to create fond memories.

Fredericia is home to a wealth of great beer experiences just waiting to be discovered!

Walk the line - join the tour!

Fredericia BeerWalk allows you to experience the city at your own pace as you make your way to the next bar or cafe. You can decide how quickly you want to move on to the next location, so take a pit stop at Fredericia Ramparts or explore the Canal District, Fredericia's new neighborhood, along the way.

Here's how a BeerWalk in Fredericia works

The Fredericia BeerWalk concept currently includes five different eateries and/or bars in Fredericia: Urbania Street Food, The English Pub, Cafe MUMS, Fredericia Brewpub, Cafe Mair's, and the pub Sidesporet. Here, you can purchase your BeerWalk.

A BeerWalk costs 150 DKK per person, and with your purchase, you'll each receive a special 15 cl BeerWalk tasting glass and a map showing where you can sample your next beer. The BeerWalk includes one tasting of one beer per location, and the establishments can be visited in any order.

Read more about Fredericia BeerWalk here!


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