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Genforeningsmonumentet in Christiansfeld

The Reunion Monument.

The relief on the stone shows how "Mother Denmark" is welcoming her robbed daughter South Jutland in a symbolic way.
In the relief "Mother Denmark" and "South Jutland" is personified and illustrated by two women who meet in an angel's embrace. Reunification Square and the memorial is built to memorise the reunion on the 10th July 1920, where South Jutland returned to Denmark after 56 years of Prussian rule.The inscription on the back of the stone: this is the message: Here has the storm, here has the flame, brought together those who belong together. Praised be God!Three oak trees are planted on the square:
One in occasion of King Chr.X 's 70th birthday. One in occasion of King Frederik IX's 70th birthday and
one in occasion of Queen Margrethe II's 60th birthday.