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Get a real taste of history at Mark. With a Be Happy Pass

Come and experience a real farm that is over 100 years old. Many animals live here, and most of them want to be petted.

Experience what life was like in the countryside 100
years ago. Come and pet our goats, sheep, calves and rabbits. Explore the farmer’s old farmhouse.

If you have a free Be Happy Pass
Solve the puzzle and win a prize with your Be Happy Pass.When you arrive at Mark, start by heading to the exhibition building. Get more information at markmuseum.dk/en/be-happy-pass

About Mark - Museumsgården Karensminde
The first thing you smell when you arrive at Museumsgården Karensminde is fresh air, grass, perhaps hay and maybe even a hint of manure. Because here, we run our farm the way it was done 100 years ago - when your great-grandfather was a little boy. Come on in. You can touch and explore (pretty much) everything. Try pumping water the way humans did before water became something that comes out of a tap in the kitchen.


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Animals galore
If you arrive at the right time, you’ll hear the pigs squealing with delight as the farmer brings their food. Down in the meadow, the cows are grazing. The sheep are bleating their welcome to you. Cuddle those fluffy bunnies. And see if you can spot the heavy workhorses. Climb aboard the grey Massey Ferguson that replaced horses in agriculture shortly after World War II.


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Come on in
When you step inside farmhouse, you enter a home. The coffee is on the table. The fine china looks lovely. Perhaps because the parish official who lives here is marrying a young couple? The rooms have made-up beds. The chamber pot is in place. See the larder filled with pickled vegetables, stewed fruit and a salted pork roast.

We have plenty of fun activities for all ages. So do drop by. It's going to be fun.

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