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Guided Tour at Koldinghus

Get an overview of the history of the royal palace and its use from its foundation in 1268 until today.

Koldinghus has gone from being a fortress, then a royal palace and now it is part of the Kongernes Samling, which regularly has world-class exhibitions.

Hear stories about the kings at Koldinghus, the fire in 1808, the subsequent restoration and the iconic original Flora Danica frame. See the main rooms; the knight's hall, the church hall, the chapel and the ruin hall. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to explore the giant tower and the dungeon, the museum's permanent exhibitions and any special exhibitions.


Duration: 1 hour unless otherwise stated

Price: Contact Koldinghus for current price

Addressed to: Everyone

Group tour

For groups, a one-hour guided tour can be arranged. The tour can be based on e.g. the museum and its history, in the architecture or in a current special exhibition. It gives you the history and the place's fantastic journey from border castle to royal castle, ruin and finally museum.

There are i.a. opportunity to get a themed tour about the devastating fire at Koldinghus, which caused the proud old castle to crumble to rubble in 1808. Hear the dramatic account of grand political intrigue, a fun cultural meeting and heroism when one of the castle's guides shows where in the castle the events took place.