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Have a wild day at GIVSKUD ZOO. With a Be Happy Pass

Drive through the animal safari in your own car. Enjoy exciting safari experiences. Visit the animals in our zoo and experience the dinosaur park.

Get carried away at GIVSKUD ZOO
Meet the wildest animals at the zoo and on safari. Gaze at lions, giraffes, penguins and elephants. Get up close to the T-Rex and 50 other dinosaurs, pet the goats and play in fun playgrounds.

If you have a free Be Happy Pass
Pick up your wild Adventure Badge at the ticket office. Remember to show them your Be Happy Pass.

Enjoy a day you won’t forget in a hurry! Walk around the zoo and get up close to gorillas, spectacled bears, elephants and many other animals. Look forward to seeing penguins. On land, they waddle. But in the water, they frolic. They're fast as lightning and almost look like they're flying underwater. The penguin enclosure is the largest one in Denmark. It’s more than 6,000 m2 in size and the penguins have over 900,000 litres of water to swim in.



Discover more than 50 dinosaurs
In the Dinosaur Park, over 50 dinosaurs will impress you with their size and appearance. These are the giants of the past and you can see them here in life-size. Including the Tyrannosaurus rex. Its bite was 15 times stronger than a lion's. And it could eat up to 200 kg with one mouthful. How much does your family weigh? Could a Tyrannosaurus rex eat all of you in just one bite?



Play your way into the natural world
Get up close to the animal world everywhere here. With lemurs, Barbary apes and goats, you can walk right into their enclosures. And there’s plenty of fun for kids on the playgrounds and in the activity camps. Remember - you get the zoo, the safari and the dinosaur park with one ticket. It's going to be a wild day.

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Get cool Adventure Badges for your pass
Take it along with you to the places you find in the pass. When you get there, show them your pass and collect your badge. Many places even have extra offers. You can see all the attractions here.


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