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Hejls - Christiansfeld - Bicycle route from Hejls to Christiansfeld near Kolding

Discover a lot of attractions and sights on the beautiful trip from Hejls to Christiansfeld!

Hejls - Christiansfeld

The route from Hejls to Christiansfeld has something to offer every member of the family. It follows national route 5 and regional routes 10 and 51. Hejls and Hejlsminde are like pearls on a string facing the Little Belt, surrounded by water on three sides. At Hejlsminde, there is an attractive bike and walking trail around Hejls Nor. The terrain in the area is hilly and can therefore be somewhat challenging.

Christiansfeld is unique, as it was planned and constructed in accordance with the same pattern as Herrnhut, the Moravian Brethren’s first German town. Most of the original town was built between 1773 and 1812, and the old part of town is today a lively cultural relic in the centre of town. Christiansfeld is known for its gingerbread, tiled stoves and the Moravian Brethren community, which built the town at the end of the 1700s. Enjoy a trip to Christinero, where the woodlands are full of small dams and natural springs. Try the guided tours around Christiansfeld and Christinero and the famous gingerbread baked according to an old recipe from 1799.


1. Hejlsminde havn
2. Slusen ved Noret
3. Gudsageren
4. Brønden Midtbys
5. Genforeningspladsen
6. Tyrstrup Kirke
7. Kirkesalen
8. Bulladen
9. Christinero


Hotels / Inns
Brødremenighedens Hotel

Hejlsminde Strand Camping

Bed and Breakfast
Bondegårdsferie Vejstrupgård
Kobbersted Ferielejligheder

Tour suggestions 

T10: Kolding Ådal og Hylkedalen

T11: Vandvejen ved Kolding

T13: Middelalderruten

T14: Drejens Halvø

T15: Elbodalen

T16: Troldhedestien

T17: Kongeådalen

T18: Lillebælt Classic

T19: Østkystruten

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