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On an important mission at Økolariet. With a Be Happy Pass

Take a trip to the bottom of the sea. Walk on the ice floes. Or get inside Ida's brain. Learn about nature, the environment, energy and climate.

See, hear, smell, taste, touch, try and feel your way
to exciting facts about our planet. Take a walk in a shipwreck, get flushed down the toilet, step inside a brain and much more. There’s plenty to look forward to!

If you have a free Be Happy Pass
You’ll get a bag of mealworm crisps. For free with your Be Happy Pass – so bring it with you. Find out more at the Information Centre.

About Økolariet
A place where you can play your way to new knowledge about how our consumption affects our planet. Touch, feel, smell and taste your way through the many interactive experiences. Start by heading to the bottom of the sea. Here, nature is out of balance. There's too much algae, crabs and mud. And the fish are gone. What should we do?


© Økolariet. Photo: Økolariet

See for yourself
Investigate how much plastic waste there is in the ocean. Animals are being suffocated by plastic. Others eat the tiny pieces of floating plastic. Find out how many of the Danish herring have small pieces of plastic in their bellies.

A walk in the woods
Look under the surface of the forest bed and discover all the life that exists here - yet rarely see. Play with water and see what difference it makes whether water flows through a straight channel or a winding stream. Play and see if you know the leaves of the trees. Watch a cartoon and learn why Denmark still has such pure drinking water. And visit the underground world of rats with a walk in a sewer pipe. Fasten your seatbelt and try to flush yourself down the toilet and through the sewer system (in a simulator - don't worry). Keep playing. Learn about the environment, energy and climate change from the Arctic to the coral reefs.
Free admission for everyone.

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Bring your pass with you when travelling around the area. Then it’s easier to find the best activities for kids. Many of the attractions also have an additional offer. See all the attractions here.

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