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Kongeådalen - Route T17 - Bicycle route between Kolding and Vamdrup

Kolding - Vamdrup

The route through the Kongeådalen valley runs through attractive nature areas and small villages. It follows regional route 64. Kongeådalen is 2–3 km wide and approximately 30 km long. The special growth conditions on the valley’s many slopes provide for considerable variety in flora and fauna. Along the way you pass Dalby Mill, where a 600-metre new watercourse winds its way around the Møllesøen lake, which serves as a corridor for fish and small animals. In the Geographical Garden, you can enjoy a 12 ha large experience park and botanical garden with more than 2000 different trees and shrubs. Here you can see where the plants belong, as they have been divided into sections according to their geographical origin. On the way to Vamdrup, you pass the Svanemosen bog, one of Denmark’s few remaining raised bogs. Fovslet Forest has several well-preserved burial mounds, from which there is an excellent view. At the Kongeå Museum in Vamdrup you can learn why the town became important as a railway hub between 1866 and 1920. Old customs houses from the period between 1864 and 1920 can still be seen in the area around Vamdrup. All in all, the bike ride from Kolding to Vamdrup is rich in historical gems!

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1. Dalby Mølle
2. Dalby Kirke
3. Geografisk Have
4. Kolding Miniby
5. Svanemosen
6. Fovslet Skov
7. Kongeåmuseet


Hotels / Inns
Comwell Kolding
Hotel Kolding
Kolding Hotel Apartments
Saxildhus Hotel

Dancamps Kolding

Kolding Sportel
KFUM Sportellet
Danhostel Kolding

Bed and Breakfast
Artist's B&B

T10: Kolding Ådal og Hylkedalen

T11: Vandvejen ved Kolding

T12: Christiansfeld

T13: Middelalderruten

T14: Drejens Halvø

T15: Elbodalen

T16: Troldhedestien

T18: Lillebælt Classic

T19: Østkystruten

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