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Lillebælt Classic - Cycling route Kolding - Middelfart

Middelfart - Snoghøj - Kolding

The trip from Middelfart to Kolding follows national route 6 and runs along Lillebælt and across the Old Lillebælt Bridge. It takes you past the charming harbour town of Middelfart, which lies on the waterfront of Lillebælt. Because of its location on Lillebælt, the town is the centre of a number of activities at, on and below the water, such as whale watching and diving excursions. In Middelfart you can enjoy the view of Lillebælt and the two bridges while strolling along the harbour promenade. The town is a busy trade hub with a maritime atmosphere in the old streets and in the many squares that can be found scattered around town like small oases. As a new feature, you will be able to walk across the Old Lillebælt Bridge with effect from spring 2015. It will take you across the bridge at an altitude of 60 metres. This is the only place in Europe where you can try bridgewalking – an unforgettable experience that will give you butterflies in your stomach. If you feel like extending your trip, why not ride to Skærbæk Harbour where you can enjoy a refreshment before continuing to the old royal town of Kolding. In Kolding, we suggest visiting Koldinghus Castle, where you can take a guided tour of the castle, look at different exhibitions and enjoy the view from the tower. Kolding also has many attractions for children, for example the cultural centre “Nicolai for børn” (Nicolai for children) or the Slotsøbadet water park. In brief, this route provides for a beautiful trip along Lillebælt with plenty of urban culture and attractions for both children and adults.

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1. KulturØen
2. Skærbæk
3. Koldinghus


Hotels / Inns
Best Western Kryb I Ly
Comwell Kolding
Comwell Kongebrogaarden
Comwell Middelfart
Hejse Kro
Hindsgavl Slot
Hotel Borgmestergården
Hotel Koldingfjord
Hotel Medio
Hotel Park
Middelfart Resort
Trinity Hotel og Konferencecenter
Hotel Kolding
Kolding Hotel Apartments
Milling Hotel Saxildhus

Dancamps Kolding
Hindsgavl Camping
Galsklint Camping

Kolding Sportel
KFUM Sportellet
Danhostel Kolding

Bed and Breakfast
Ann Kloster Bed & breakfast
Artist's B&B
By the Bridge B&B
Gl. Strandvejs B&B
Kathrinelyst B&B
Kålsbjergvejens Bed & Breakfast
Maybom Kolding
Mit Bed & Breakfast
Toldboden Bed & Breakfast
Martin Tornøe
Villa Terne v. Jeppe Løgstrup
Villa Gertrud

Wilfred Hedegaard

Tour suggestions

T10: Kolding Ådal og Hylkedalen

T11: Vandvejen ved Kolding

T12: Christiansfeld

T13: Middelalderruten

T14: Drejens Halvø

T15: Elbodalen

T16: Troldhedestien

T17: Kongeådalen

T19: Østkystruten