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Lyksvad Fiskefarm - Danish quality caviar

Lyksvad produces real caviar of the finest quality for gourmet restaurants, but also has a small shop.

"Lyksvad is a family-owned and operated company that has evolved from a traditional farm to become the only producer of caviar in Denmark. Packaged directly on the farm.

Lyksvad Caviar is now run by the brothers Jakob and Kristian Larsen. We place great emphasis on quality and freshness. We breed the fish, and we process the caviar ourselves, which is why we can guarantee the freshness and traceability of all our products - all the way from water to table!

Lyksvad has been breeding fish, primarily eels and sturgeon, for more than 20 years. The fish live in indoor pools. The water comes from underground, is collected, purified, and reused. The excess wastewater is used as fertilizer in fields.

Indoor breeding means full control over the fish's living conditions, water quality, feed, and more. Therefore, there is no risk of pollution of natural waterways or streams and no opportunities for fish escapes.

We have our own slaughterhouse and packaging facility where the caviar is processed and packaged. Thus, there is full control over the entire process, providing assurance of quality and precise knowledge of where the caviar comes from and the conditions in which the fish have lived.

With Lyksvad caviar, you get a unique story, a Danish and locally produced product, and fresh caviar without preservatives."