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The Nature Room in the Canal District

Experience the Little Belt with Nature Park Lillebælt’s new nature room in the Canal District.

Nature Park Lillebælt’s Nature Room in the Canal District: Learn about the Little Belt

Visit Nature Park Lillebælt’s new nature room in the Canal District of Fredericia and learn a lot more about everything that goes on under water. The nature room functions both as a space for dissemination and activity, and the focus is on the Little Belt.

Life in the Little Belt, Porpoises and Much More!

The nature room of the Canal District faces the Little Belt at the entrance of Gammel Havn (The Old Habour) and is shaped like a porpoise with a large porpoise pictured on the side. The nature room has a particular focus on, among other things, the small porpoise and all the other animals that live in the Little Belt. Learn more by reading the many beautiful boards, which can be found in the nature room.

Plenty of Activities in the Nature Room

The nature room in the Canal District is not just a knowledge centre. It is also possible to try different activities focusing on the Little Belt. For example, go up to the roof of the nature room and see how many porpoises you can spot through the binoculars, which are placed on the roof.

You can also bring your fishing rod, because in the nature room you will also find information about fishing periods in the Little Belt and a guide to when fish are too small to be caught.

Experience Per Obling’s Wooden Sculptures at the Nature Room

At the nature room in the Canal District you can now also experience wood sculptor Per Obling’s beautiful wooden sculptures. The sculptures, which are inspired by the Little Belt, were made during the nature art festival as part of The Fortress Days 2023. 

Events and Guided Tours for the Whole Family

Both Nature Park Lillebælt and Det Grønne Fredericia regularly organize different events, activities and guided tours for young and old, and several of them start at the nature room.

Check out Nature Park Lillebælt’s booking page and Det Grønne Fredericia’s booking page here!

New Nature Rooms around Fredericia

The nature room in the Canal District is the first of three nature rooms in the area around Fredericia to be built by Nature Park Lillebælt. The nature rooms are the result of a collaboration between Friluftsrådet, Lokale- og Anlægsfonden and Google (funds). The other two rooms will focus on birdlife and geology, respectively.

You Can Read Much More about the New Nature Room in the Canal District Here!


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