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The Royal Danish Collection Koldinghus

The Royal Danish Collection Koldinghus contains fantastic stories, special exhibitions of the highest quality and beautiful art.

Koldinghus - Jutland's last Royal Castle

For more than 750 years, Koldinghus has played a role in Denmark's history.

The construction of Koldinghus started around 1268, when the Danish king wanted a castle that could guard the border between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Duchy of Schleswig.

Koldinghus functioned for many years as a border castle and royal residence.

Today Koldinghus is much more than a museum. See the remains of the ruin that tell of the catastrophic fire in 1808, experience history up close when there are living stories in the castle's large halls and see the treasures of the Danish kings and queens, which are displayed in changing special exhibitions.

Koldinghus is also home to cultural events and activities and also focuses on communication for children.

The museum conveys history to the whole family through engaging activities such as a fencing school, various workshops, a costume workshop and much more.

In all school holidays, Koldinghus organizes special holiday activities for the museum's guests.

At the castle you will find the castle shop, which sells Danish design, unique products inspired by current exhibitions, jewellery, local products, books about Danish kings and Danish history. In the castle's basement, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant.

Both the shop and the restaurant can be visited without paying entrance to the museum.