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See the gingerbread town of Christiansfeld. With a Be Happy Pass

When the town was founded, boys and girls lived in separate worlds. That was different. And so is the town. So special, in fact, that it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Symmetrical streets and lost gingerbread hearts
The gingerbread town has unsolved mysteries. The town’s bakers have been baking gingerbread since the town was founded. But someone has hidden the ingredients!

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About Christiansfeld
Originally, the town was divided into groups. Boys separately. And girls separately. Single men separately. Single women separately. It may seem a bit old-fashioned today, but the German Christians who built the city were more or less ahead of the rest of the country. Because here in the city they took care of the elderly. And the children learned to read, count and understand the world. Most Danish children only just learned to read.


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Why is it called the Brethren Congregation?

The German Christians called each other brothers and sisters. That is why they are also called the Brethren. The Brethren congregation is still active and has approx. 150 members in Christiansfeld alone.

What is World Heritage?

World Heritage is something that UNESCO designates good places to preserve them so that you and your children can experience them in the future. Christiansfeld is a planned town. Before the Brethren came to the country in 1773, there was only land. Then they built their ideal city, which is on the list because the original city plan is extremely well preserved - and because the congregation is still active.


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Why gingerbread?
The Brethren were good craftsmen. They could build a house like few. They were good with wood. And with everything else. They were also good at making ovens. This is evidenced by the many beautiful tiled stoves in the city. And to bake. And here honey hearts have become a tradition. A cozy tradition that just tastes good.

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