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Stenvad Put & Take - Put and Take lake near Kolding

This clear-watered fishing lake ensures you a unique fishing experience in wonderful surroundings. In the lake there are rainbow trout, spring trout and brook trout.

Stenvad Put & Take is located 5 km from Kolding towards Lunderskov and Esbjerg, where the large newly planned Lake is surrounded by Vester Nebel Å, and the forest that provides shelter for the vind.

The lake has varying depths from 1 to 5 meters. In the lake you can see rainbowtrout, springtrout and brooktrout. 

The house called "hakkehuset" containes shop, dining room with fireplace, toilet for disabled and a room for cleaning the fish with refrigerater and freezer.

In the shop you can buy toast, soft drinks, sweets and ice cream and various kinds of fishing gear and bait