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Stilbjerg Angling Lake - Beautiful lake near Billund

Come and visit Stilbjerg Angling Lake in the scenic area north of Billund center.

Stilbjerg Angling Lake is a beautifully situated lake surrounded by forest.

Here you get really close to nature while you can catch fish. You can also be lucky to get a glimpse of the crown game that lives in the forest.

It is incredible that the wildlife is so rich only 5 km from Billund center.


The lake was founded in 1991 and covers a surface area of about 2600 sqm and is a groundwater lake.

The lake is located in a drinking water area, so the water quality is top notch.

The lake has different depths and holes of up to 5 meters.

The cool groundwater and the fluctuating depths make the fish thrive in the lake, both summer and winter.


At the lake there are tables and benches, and there is also a toilet and cleaning area.


Fish in the size 1-10 kg are released.

Rainbow-, gold-, brook-, spring-, brooding and tiger trout are exposed.

All fish are hand-sorted so they are super nice fish!

Open all days from 06.00-22.00


We welcome you to Stilbjerg Angling Lake!