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Street Art in the city centre

The urban spaces in Vejle have undergone colourful transformation! See all the amazing motifs located in the carpark behind Føtex when you’re out for a stroll on the pedestrian street, heading out on a city walk, or are on your way to the Vejle Art Museum or Music Theatre.

Experience colourful street art and large artworks in the urban space.

Fifteen artworks have popped up on old, previously vacant gables and walls in the carpark behind the Føtex supermarket by the pedestrian street in Vejle. The new artworks are the result of the Vejle Street Art Festival. From scissor lifts and scaffolding, artists painted the gables and walls with beautiful motifs and words – all under the theme ‘We give more than we take’.


A total of 15 artists participated – 11 local artists and 4 guest artists.


Berit Bærentsen, Britta Egebjerg, Danail Kraev, Jens Jacobsen, Jonathan (Facio), Jules Leduc, Junette Bay, Nanna Nør, Olivia Linn, Stine Ofelia, Maria Tonsgaard, Eske Touborg, Christoffer Bukh, Peter Skensved and Jens Stentoft.


Drop by and experience the result of the transformation, from empty walls and glaring gables to great street art.