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Unleash your creativity in LEGO® House

LEGO® House is packed with creative activities for LEGO fans of all ages. Build wild creations or become a Change Maker.

Get the ultimate LEGO® experience in LEGO® House
It's the world's best playdate in Billund. Here LEGO fans of all ages can unfold their creativity among 25 million LEGO bricks and enjoy a full day in LEGO heaven with the family.

About LEGO House
LEGO House, the “Home of the Brick”, is the ultimate experience house for LEGO fans. It is 12,000-m2 of space filled with millions of LEGO bricks in multiple colours, as well as cascading LEGO waterfalls and giant animals and plants. Outside, there are nine playgrounds. The House has activities for children and adults of all ages who want to get creative and explore the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick.


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Explore the four activity zones
The Red Zone boasts the largest waterfall of LEGO bricks. Build sea creatures for the aquarium, LEGO® flowers for the big meadow or characters who just want to dance in the Yellow Zone. If you’re more into films and magazines, try your hand at making films in the Green Zone. Or enjoy the speed and excitement of the Blue Zone. Here the whole family can build racing cars and race on the challenging test tracks, or you can code your own beekeeping robot. You can also become a true Change Maker and build creative solutions to the challenges facing our planet.


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See unique masterpieces and create your own meal in the MINI CHEF restaurant
Follow the fun Tree of Creativity from anywhere on the main staircase. It’s 15.68 metres tall! Visit the Masterpiece Gallery and experience some of the craziest LEGO masterpieces. Or take a tour of the official LEGO museum and see the many different LEGO sets that have been developed over time. If you get hungry, visit our MINI CHEF restaurant. We have the cutest and craziest serving robots.

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