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Vizgu Kolding

Photo: Visit Kolding

Download the Vizgu app and learn more about what you see in Kolding - take a walk in the city and learn more about the various works of art and buildings you encounter on your way around the city centre.

Curious about what you see in the cityscape? Download the Vizgu app and take a walk around the city and read about the different works of art and buildings you encounter on your way. Or take one of the three tours in the app and see parts of the city you may not have visited before.


There are three different routes around Kolding - maybe you will see something you have not seen before.

The works of art in the centre of Kolding are an important part of everyday culture, providing the locals as well as visitors with an art experience in the middle of Kolding.


The Vizgu app is an easy way to get information about the many exciting buildings, works of art and installations that you see in the Kolding city centre.

It lets you explore the history behind many of the sculptures that are located around the city.


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