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Destination Trekantområdet

Working together on sustainable development and marketing

Destination Trekantområdet is one of Denmark's largest tourist destinations. We have just over 2.9 million commercial overnight stays and a turnover of more than DKK 6 billion. kroner. Tourism in the area created more than 7,500 full-time jobs in 2019.

Geographically, Destination Trekantområdet covers the municipalities of Billund, Fredericia, Kolding and Vejle.

We mainly work within three areas: Families with children, adult couples and meeting and business tourism, where sustainability is a pervasive factor.

Destination Trekantområdet ensures a strong local collaboration that develops products and initiatives that can cope in the international competition for tourists, a collaboration that develops both small and large business partners and ensures that tourism continues to contribute to creating growth, employment and experiences in the area.

The purpose is to support the creation of growth and jobs in the tourism industry. Through cooperation and strengthening of product development and marketing of experiences and attractions for the area's guests, we must promote tourism in the area, both in the short and long term.

We work for stronger collaborations between the local actors across municipal boundaries and with new perspectives where the international and the sustainable are always in focus.

  • The destination must, in collaboration with the private actors, develop marketing campaigns for the destination's most important business areas, which must target the most important markets.
  • The destination must achieve strengthened international attractiveness and increase the share of foreign overnight stays.
  • The destination must work to improve the conditions for the private operators and increase the number of overnight stays, including the low season (September – May).

The Board for Destination Trekantområdet:

Chairman: Jan Hessellund, CEO - Billund Airport

Deputy Chairman: Morten Damgaard, Head of Business and Tourism – Vejle Kommune

Board members:

Christian Woller, General Manager – LEGOLAND

Kim Nordfeldt Thomsen, Chief consultant – Billund Kommune

Peter Schelde, Group manager – Comwell

Tove Gæmelke, Head of Business Development  – Business Kolding


Åstvej 10 B, 7190 Billund - Danmark

Phone: 88 44 08 50

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