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Become a partner in Destination Trekantområdet

You can become a partner in Destination Trekantområdet and take part in the development of tourism in the area. Among other things, you get access to knowledge and data about tourism, networks and communication in international campaigns, etc.

Put yourself on the map and strengthen your marketing

When you become a partner in Destination Trekantområdet, you get help and advice on international marketing. We organize the campaigns with strong partners in the markets, that we have cooperation agreements with. You thus become part of the story the tourist encounters in Norway, Sweden, Holland and Germany when they plan a holiday in Denmark.

As a partner, you will also collaborate with Destination Trekantområdet on the development of marketing materials, influencer and press visits, and take part in campaign activities for a total market pressure of DKK 30 millions per year.

Look into the crystal ball and access tourism data

Should you really invest advertising dollars in Norwegian tourists at the hotels, rather than German tourists on the west coast? Are you interested in what macro trends mean for your bed & breakfast? And what does sustainability really mean for tourists?

In Destination Trekantområdet, we work to make tourism data relevant for our partners, so that you are well equipped to anticipate changes in the tourism landscape.

Network and Knowledge

As a partner in Destination Trekantområdet, you naturally become a member of a tourism community. We facilitate a tourism network as a meeting place across municipal and industry scales, as a platform for knowledge sharing, idea development and expert input. For meeting and conference tourism, a separate network will also be established, which will specifically work with meeting and conference in Destination Trekantområdet.

Collaborative partner - DKK 10,000 annually, ex VAT

Recommended for small and medium-sized businesses

As a business partner, you are part of the destination. It is for you who want to keep up-to-date on tourism developments in the area and who are interested in participating in the activities of Destination Trekantområdet - e.g. development projects and masterclasses. As a business partner, you also get access to the destination's communication toolbox and knowledge bank.

Strategic Partner – DKK 25,000 annually, ex VAT

Recommended for medium-sized tourism companies that want to engage in and take co-ownership of the development of the destination.

As a strategic partner, you are invited into the destination's engine room. Here you actively help shape the destination's activities and can help develop new projects, together with other leisure and business tourism players.

You will be in close dialogue with Destination Trekantområdet, to obtain the most relevant knowledge and data about e.g. market trends, seasonality and sustainability – locally, nationally and internationally. So you will be as prepared as possible.

As a strategic partner, you will participate in marketing campaigns where you will be present in the communication with the destination's international partners. You also get the opportunity to participate in influencer and press visits, or in the overall presentation catalog for the destination.

VIP Leisure & VIP Conference – DKK 50,000 annually, ex. VAT

Recommended for medium and large tourism companies that distinguish between leisure and business tourism

VIP Partner is for you who want a more targeted destination partnership, and with a particular emphasis on marketing. Here you have the closest dialogue with Destination Trekantområdet and the opportunity for 1-1 help based on your business. The content of the partnership is adapted to your needs within the framework; Leisure or Conference, or a combination of both.

VIP Leisure is targeted at holiday tourism, where VIP Partners will be prioritized for influencer, press and partner visits. In destination marketing, VIP Partners are also communicated tactically and prioritized in campaigns outside landing pages – e.g. through banners, newsletters and SoMe postings with Destination Trekantområdets partners. VIP Partners also have the opportunity to purchase more visibility and organize campaign content in collaboration with Destination Trekantområdet.

The VIP Conference is targeted at business tourism; with a particular focus on the big events, conferences, fairs and congresses. VIP Partners are part of the destination's conference network, and are prioritized for inquiries from meeting bookers. You also participate in the development of the destination's bid material, which is targeted at meeting and conference tourism.

Note: The VIP Conference will be further developed through Destination Trekantområdet business and meeting tourism project, starting in January 2023. A VIP partnership will therefore in 2023 contain elements from both Leisure and Conference.

Kim Jensen

Project Coordinator - Sustainability & Product Development

Mobile:+45 28780943

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