Besøgscenter ved Skamlingsbanken

Taste history


Food and drink have largely shaped the world we live in now. Over the years, sumptuous servings have been used to mark status and power; while everyday diet has made a difference for high and low – for health or unhappiness, for well-being or hunger, for survival or early death.

At the same time, the threads of the party have woven fabric for lots of ups and downs. From the Vikings' Jól to lavish wedding parties to today's Christmas lunches, power structures have been challenged, kings have been deposed and new rulers elected. The party cements our social existence, but is also dangerous. A wrong table plan can start family feuds and blood feuds.

Conversely, the communities that parties and parties created are also important. They have changed attitudes and created moods. As you can see in the public meetings that were held at Skamlingsbanken. They helped develop and maintain the Danish identity in North Schleswig. Had that not happened, the Danish border would probably have gone just south of Kolding.

You can't avoid beer and cakes if you want to understand the history of mankind. And to celebrate that history, each location on this tour is ready with some special drinks to buy home in your basket. Do it. And taste the history when you get home.

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