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Art & Design in the Heart of Jutland



Like food on the table and water in the glass, art and design are essential ingredients in life. Art pits good against evil. Life against death. It helps us to experience life and question the way we live it. Design helps us navigate the world. We are enriched. That’s how it is today. And that’s how it’s always been. In the Heart of Jutland, we take art and design seriously. You will feel it when you go from place to place. 

Stole paa Trapholt



Photo:Destination Trekantområdet

Dessertallerken i Kolding

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Art, Design and Small Miracles on a plate - come and enjoy art and gastronomy with stars on your shoulder.

Start at Trapholt and see special exhibitions, which almost always score high praise from critics and guests. Also, explore the museum’s permanent exhibition and visit Arne Jacobsen’s Summerhouse. He is known for furniture such as the Seven, the Swan, the Ant and the Egg. He has also designed a Summerhouse that you can visit at the museum. 

Discover more art in Tørskind, where Robert Jacobsen and Jean Clarebourandt have created a sculpture park. Or embark on gastronomic experiences such as whisky tasting or the grand tasting at Skærsøgaard Vineyard. In the evening, explore the gastronomic hotspots of Vejle or Kolding. 

And the day after, you might be tempted by a guided food tour in Vejle with at least 7 taste stops



Photo:Destination Trekantområdet

GASTRONOMI -Kolding-DestinationTrekantomraadet

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Other experiences in art and design

The area surrounding Billund, Kolding and Vejle also houses a lot of experiences and activities in art and design.

In this space we have found the ones that you do not want to miss.



Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art and Design

Are you into modern art and Danish design? At Trapholt you can experience changing modern art exhibitions. You can also see Trapholt's large collection of Danish furniture designs.

Koldinghus - Magnificent castle in the middle of Kolding
Photo: Destination Trekantområdet

Koldinghus - Magnificent castle in the middle of Kolding

At Koldinghus, the possibilities are many. Try e.g. renaissance dancing, fencing, mead tasting or a tour of the old royal castle. You can even plan the children's birthday.

Designwalk Kolding - On your own
Photo: Destination Trekantområdet

Designwalk Kolding - On your own

Experience Kolding as a design city and see all the beautiful squares and buildings.

The route is approx. 3,5 km. and takes you past the most iconic designs, including the Nicolai Complex, Design Sch...

Arts and crafts galleries in Kolding

Kolding and the surroundings are full of art and design, and you will find many galleries and artisans here. 
They work with many different forms of art, including paintings, ceramics, weaving, etc. Discover the galleries and get inspired.


Fifleriet in Kolding- Creative workshop with many possibilities

Creative workshop in Kolding. In Fifleriet, you can come by during the day and immerse yourself in a project. Ceramics, wool felting, bead work, decoupage etc. You are welcome alone or with a friend, ...


Det Gamle Borgerhus (the Old Citizen’s House) - Koldings eldest house placed in the middle of the city

The old timbered house is Kolding's oldest preserved house and has over 400 years of history. Today, the building works as an exhibition for artists.


Art and architecture in Vejle

Vejle is at the fore-front of art and architecture. In Vejle, the architectural pearls stand side by side along historical buildings. In various places it is well-respected architects and artist, local as well as international, who have made their mark on Vejle's architechtorial and artsy expression. Not in the least Vejle's habour front, in which there in a few years has been created an exciting new area of the town with a recreative environment, pricewinning architecture and sustainable buildings.

Galleries and art workshops in Vejle

In the exciting surroundings of the smaller gallerys you are able to explore the diversity of art in all forms and shades. In the creative workshops of the craftsmen you are able to follow the creating of these unique pieces of art.

Photo: VisitVejle

Bølgen - The Wave

With a view of Vejle Fjord, the Vejle Fjord Bridge and the Skyttehus peninsula, you will find Bølgen - or "The Wave" in English, which has been awarded an array of awards. It is now known as a symbol of the town. The exclusive and significant building consists of five tiled, wavey facades. Every wave is of nine floors and in total consists of 20 different apartements.

Landscape sculptures Robert Jacobsen - Jean Clareboudt

The artwork of landscape sculpture Robert Jacobsen and Jean Clareboudt consists of nine different sculptures, which are all part of one artwork.

Vejle Kunstmuseum
Photo: VisitVejle

Vejle Art Museum

Bliv inspireret af kunsten på Vejle Kunstmuseum. VejleMuseerne inviterer alle indenfor til kunstoplevelser, der tager udgangspunkt i og har relevans for livet og hverdagen.

Be inspired by art at Vejle Art Museum. The Vejle Museums invite everybody to take part in art explorations, which have relevance and point of departure in every day life and life in general.