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Accommodation in Kolding

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Find your accommodation in Kolding and Christiansfeld here

It is like the experiences in Kolding and the surrounding area: Here, you will find a wide variety of accommodation options. You can choose from exclusive to relaxed hotels. From city breaks to accommodation beautifully set in the countryside. From sports hotels to small authentic places that offer you Bed & Breakfast.

At a lovely, local Danish inn, you sleep and eat well. In Kolding, you will find a large selection of different inns. Some are centrally located. Others are in the small towns around Kolding. For example, have a fantastic meal at Tyrstrupkro in Christiansfeld or enjoy a wonderful Danish dinner at Bramdrupdam Kro. Stay at Kryb i Ly, one of Denmark’s most historic inns, or discover the local inn in Sdr. Bjert.  

Inns in Christiansfeld and Kolding

You can live like a king or queen in Kolding and the surrounding area. Choose the most beautiful view at Kolding Fjord Hotel, an exceptional design hotel with a unique location. Or stay at the Brødremenighedens (Church of the Brethren) Hotel in the UNESCO town of Christiansfeld. Members of the Danish royal family have often stayed here, and you can stay in a room named after Frederik VII or Christian X.  

Many of your other options are centrally located, so it’s a short distance from culture to a good night’s sleep. 

Hotels in Christiansfeld and Kolding

Other accommodation in and around Kolding

Hejlsminde Camping
Hejlsminde Camping


Do you like beautiful places and the great outdoors? Or do you want to stay close to the city’s many attractions? It’s up to you because Kolding’s many campsites have what you’re looking for. Choose between activity-packed sites and more peaceful ones. Or between sites in stunning scenery and sites with child-friendly beaches.

Vandrehjem i Kolding

Hostel & Sports Hotel

The hostel in Kolding is within walking distance of the city centre and close to many of the city’s attractions. Kolding also has two sports hotels where you can stay overnight. They are also not far from the city centre and offer plenty of options for family activities.

Sommerhusudlejning i Kolding
Niclas Jessen

Rent a lovely holiday cottage

Rent your holiday cottage here. Kolding has many holiday cottages around the area - find what you are looking for here at one of the rental agencies in the Kolding area.

Koldings bed and breakfast

Bed & Breakfast

You will also find a large selection of local Bed & Breakfasts in Kolding - check them out here and find the one you like best.

Ferie i Kolding på Bondegaarden
Visit Kolding

Farm holiday

Farm holidays at their best. With homemade jams and dinner made from scratch. Who couldn’t use a few days of good Danish home cooking? If you agree, book your holiday here. Bring the family and enjoy the days in the countryside and with the animals on the farm.