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Skamlingsbankens højskamling i Kolding-Destination Trekantomraadet

Go explore our amazing history

Destination Trekantområdet
Photo:Destination Trekantomraadet&Destination Trekantområdet

Walk in the footsteps of giants

Explore the rich history of Destination Trekantområdet through captivating tours that bring the past to life. Walk in the footsteps of visionaries like Harald Bluetooth and Ole Kirk Christiansen. Discover how food and drink from Viking feasts to Christmas lunches shaped power and society. Witness pivotal moments where individuals risked everything, from farmers battling hunger to bold war generals. Each tour offers a unique glimpse into the events and people that defined our world, complete with special drinks to savor at home. Embark on these journeys and experience history like never before.

Jellinge stenene - Kongernes Jelling
Volden i Fredericia - Destination Trekantomraadet
Kirkepladsen i Christiansfeld

Which route do you prefer?

Embark on thrilling tours in Destination Trekantområdet! Walk with visionaries, taste history from Viking feasts to modern delights, and witness life-changing moments. Discover, explore, and savor history in a whole new way!

Jellingestenen UNESCO Verdensarv - DestinationTrekantomraadet
Frame & Work

Can faith move mountains?

Walk in the footsteps of visionaries who shaped our world. Discover Harald Bluetooth's Christianization of the Danes, Ole Kirk Christiansen's wooden toys evolving into LEGO®, and the Brethren's UNESCO site in Christiansfeld. Explore Fredericia and Frederik III's dream of a European metropolis. See how faith in the future built our present.

Museum Kolding - Zelle 2
Museum Kolding

With life as effort

Discover four pivotal moments where lives shaped history. Meet farmers battling hunger, witness Denmark's occupation and moral trials, experience Viking kings and patricide, and delve into daring war strategies. Join us to honor those who risked everything for their beliefs.

Vold ved Fredericia - DestinationTrekantomraadet
Destination Trekantområdet

An outline for life

Join a journey through history where plans met reality. Discover a Viking braggart who changed European history, German Christians who brought world heritage to Denmark, generals who defied the Schleswig-Holstein-Prussian army in 1849, and a planned landscape affecting wildlife. Experience the unplanned outcomes that shaped our world.

Skamlingsbanken Cafe Destination Trekantomraadet
Destination Trekantomraadet

Taste history

Dive into history via food and drink. From Viking feasts to Christmas lunches, learn how meals defined power and health. Discover gatherings like Skamlingsbanken that shaped society and Danish identity. Each stop offers special drinks for you to purchase and try out. Bring history home and taste it.

Take a deeper dive into history

Discover the rich history of the Heart of Jutland! From Viking kings and medieval legends to groundbreaking inventors and pivotal wartime heroes, this region is a tapestry of stories waiting to be explored.

Unearth the past through captivating tours that highlight the power struggles, cultural milestones, and everyday lives that shaped our world. Delve into the heritage of this fascinating area and be inspired by the tales of those who dared to dream and defy.

Dive deeper into history - visit our site on History and Culture to be even more inspired on your journey!