About LEGOLAND® Billund Resort

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At LEGOLAND® Billund Resort, LEGOLAND®, Lalandia®, LEGO® House, GIVSKUD ZOO, WOW PARK, Billund Airport and four municipalities are all working together to create the world’s best family holiday. Here are the 18 top attractions. Enjoy!

Ride the green dragon rollercoaster in LEGOLAND® Park. Or try some of the other 50 rides for children and families.


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Try some of the many water activities for all the family at the giant Lalandia holiday centre.


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Do what this family is doing. Go on safari in your car and look at rhinos, wolves and lions. Or explore the dinosaur park or stop by the gorillas, spectacled bears or penguins.


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A boy swings from treetop to treetop in the square. There are also long suspension bridges between the tree huts. There is free play here for both adults and children.


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Dress up as a royal. Or try bowling like they did in the old days. The castle has many activities for families with children throughout the holiday.


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Explore the Økolariet's many exciting exhibitions, dressed as e.g. a superhero like this girl. Children and adults alike can immerse themselves in fun ways to explore exciting topics, from climate change to healthy eating.


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A boy and a girl pet the cute goats in the animal pen. Try one of the playgrounds or take a stroll around the garden and look at the many exciting plants and unique flowers.

Geografisk Have

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A family walks down the long corridor, which is full of intriguing artworks. They have experienced some of the many offers the museum has for families with children.


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Go on a treasure hunt around the museum farm, with the help of a picture booklet which you can take home after your holiday. For those successfully finishing the hunt, a prize awaits. Enjoy an active family holiday at LEGOLAND® Billund Resort.


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Meet the Asian small-clawed otter in the photo in the garden. Discover 100 other animal species, from fishing cats to jaguars, reptiles and different species of monkey.

Skærup Zoo

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Do what the boys in the picture are doing. Try one of the many courses in the climbing park surrounded by beautiful scenery. The courses have multiple levels of difficulty, so even children as young as 4 years old can join in.

Gorilla Park

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Enjoy the new spray park like these kids are doing. Or take a swim in one of the many indoor or outdoor swimming pools. Complete your visit with a relaxing sauna.


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Take a walk on the 60-metre high bridge and watch the ships sail under it. You might even spot a porpoise. Spend an active family holiday at LEGOLAND® Billund Resort and come home with your backpack filled with nature experiences.


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3 children race in go-karts. Children from 7 years old, and 120 cm tall, can drive in specially built go-karts. The whole family can enjoy a day of fun and thrills.


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