Picnic spots in Kolding

Photo: VisitKolding

Go on a picnic out in the beautiful scenery.

In Kolding there are many lovely places, where you can settle down and enjoy the scenery and have a picnic, even when the weather is not suitable for picnics under the open sky.


At the parking lot at Harteværket you will find a packed house that is freely accessible to everyone and therefore does not require you to be a paying visitor at Harteværket. The house is comfortably furnished with fireplace for those cool days, which you are always welcome to light. In addition, there are toilets in the house.
The house is open from 1st May from 7.30-21.30 (7.30am-9.30pm), the rest of the year it closes at 17 (5pm).
The house cannot be reserved.

Madpakkehus Harteværket
Photo: Harteværket


In this paradise for children there are many opportunities if you get hungry. In the park there are tables and benches where you can enjoy your food. If the weather does not invite to picnics under the open sky, you can go inside one of the three picnic houses, with a capacity of maximum of 49 people in each house. The houses cannot be reserved as the park is public and there must be equal access to the facilities.
The park also has four large gas grills, which are free to use and can be turned on if you contact the staff.
If you forgot the lunch pack at home, you can buy food and drink at the kiosk in the playground.


Søen i Legeparken i Kolding


Børn på Mooncars i Kolding Legepark


Legestativer i Legeparken i Kolding


Other picnic opportunities in Kolding

Bord og bænke ved Drejens natursti

Drejens natursti 

The Nature Trail of the Drejens peninsula allows you to enjoy new views of the fields and experience the forest. The nature trails consist of two marked routes, the red route which is 1 km and the green route which is 3 km. On the red route tables and benches have been set, so you have the opportunity to bring the picnic basket and enjoy the view of the beautiful landscape.


Klimapavillon Byparken i Kolding

Klimapavillonen in Bypark Øst 

Visit the pavilion that is close to the city with the picnic basket, or bring some firewood and light it up in the campfire. The pavilion is located between nature and the city, and is close to the Marielund Forest. The large green area has been the center of a major climate project, which has made the park an exciting place with bridges, trails and streams. The city park is connected to the training pavilions at Troldhedevej and Marielundskoven. Towards the city, the park is connected to the play park.

Stotten på Skamlingsbanken


Skamlingsbanken is a scenic and historic area, with a unique view of the Little Belt and the surrounding countryside. The area is a moraine landscape with steep hills, created during the last ice age. In this beautiful idyll you will find tables and benches so you can enjoy the food you brought in the fantastic surroundings.

Grev Zinzendorfs Plads Christiansfeld


It is possible to enjoy a picnic in several places in the city. There are tables and benches at the Reunion Association Square, the Comenius Garden and at the Lindegade 53C parking lot. For larger groups, it will be possible to borrow a picnic room in Søstrehuset.

Madpakkested i Kolding i Marielundskoven
Visit Kolding

The picnic house at Skovløberhuset in Marielundskoven

A few kilometres out of the Troldhedebanesti from Marielundssøen is the Skovløberhuset. By the house there is a picnic house equipped with tables and benches, which is freely accessible to everyone. The picnic house cannot be booked and there is no access to the toilet and water. Nearest parking is at Bramdrupskovvej near the bus turning area, or you can park at Kolding Golfclub and follow Emerholtsvej on foot about 1 km.

Spis din madpakke i Marielundsskoven

Picnic Place by Marielundssøen

If you are travelling in the urban forest Marielundsskoven there is a small pavillion near the lake, where you can sit and enjoy your food if the weather requires a roof.