Den Gamle Lillebæltsbro i Fredericia

Use nature to recharge in the Heart of Jutland

Visit Fredericia
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Visit the heart of exciting experiences, where you are always in close contact with things that may astonish your body and mind.

Formed by the proximity to water

In the Heart of Jutland you are always close to the waters that have played important roles throughout Danish history. Go explore every detail in the hilly landscape that forms along the bodies of water.

Along the coast you will find magnificient cities such as Kolding with a great emphasis on art and design, the fortress town of Fredericia and the gastronomical Vejle, which have all been instrumental in the formation of Danish history. Moreover, you will find the most enchanting streams and valleys formed by the Ice Age.

The hilly landscapes may take you to the Home of the Viking Kings in Jelling, the Moravian Church in Christiansfeld or drive you to the hub of innovation and playfulness in Billund.

Kolding Hotel Apartments julen
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Enjoy a weekend stay filled with wonderful experience!

Stay in the cozy holiday apartment. Here, you are close to wellness at Dronning Dorothea's Badstue, culture at Koldinghus, and the Trapholt museum. Also, make sure to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site in Christiansfeld.

Additionally, there's an option to add a touch of luxury to your apartment with Cava and snacks. With us, you can tailor your stay exactly to your liking.
With Kolding Hotel Apartments as your focal point, you have ample opportunity for both relaxation and activities in the most beautiful settings in Kolding in the Heart of Jutland. 

Kolding Hotel Apartments - Accommodation in Kolding City Center

Explore nature at your own pace

Whether you enjoy being active, or you like to endulge in nature, we present you with opportunities for you and your loved one may find relevant.

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Kajak i Lillebælt

Beaches you cannot get enough of

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Discover most of Danish history within a one hour drive

The Heart of Jutland has been at the forefront of Danish history - here you will find traces all the way back from the legendary viking kings of Jelling, through the evolvement of Danish agricultural history up until modern city planning.

Visit some of the most unique sites of our area

The Heart of Jutland is a place of great variety. In our region, you will encounter the best of Denmark in terms of history, culture and creativity.

Here you are able to follow the history and development of our country throughout 3000 years, all the way from the first traces of the Danes to the latest innovative actions that continue to shape Danish society as of today!

Koldinghus - Magnificent castle in the middle of Kolding
Photo: Destination Trekantområdet

Koldinghus - Magnificent castle in the middle of Kolding

At Koldinghus, the possibilities are many. Try e.g. renaissance dancing, fencing, mead tasting or a tour of the old royal castle. You can even plan the children's birthday.

Green ExperienceKongernes Jelling – home of the Viking kings
Photo: Lasse Hyldager

Kongernes Jelling – home of the Viking kings

The runes tell us that it was in the Viking Age in Jelling that Denmark got its name. King Gorm wrote it on his runestone, and we have used it ever since. It was also here that King Harald Bluetooth, ...


Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art and Design

Are you into modern art and Danish design? At Trapholt you can experience changing modern art exhibitions. You can also see Trapholt's large collection of Danish furniture designs.


LEGO® House - Have the greatest playdate in the world in Billund

LEGO® House is the world’s best play date for the whole family – children, adults and children at heart. Here you can unleash your imagination among 25 million LEGO bricks.

The Moravian Brethren in Christiansfeld
Photo: Eva Kristensen

The Moravian Brethren in Christiansfeld

Take a walk in the city center, in a piece of world history with something new to discover on every street corner and experience the world heritage in Christiansfeld.

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En pige og hendes lillebror har det sjovt med at løbe ned af sandklitten. Grene Sande. En naturoplevelse for hele familien i LEGOLAND Billund Resort.
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