Kolding Lystfiskeri
Madding på Krogen Kolding

Nature experiences in Kolding

Photo:Destination Lillebaelt&Destination Lillebaelt

Kolding is located like a melting pot with nature on all sides. Fjord. Large forests. Smaller groves. Lakes. Coasts. Hills. Meadows. You will find just about every type of nature Denmark has to offer. Along the fjord, you will find lovely beaches. And everywhere you can follow beautiful nature trails. Come. Use nature. Take a few days out in the countryside. You will discover many shelters, natural playgrounds, hiking trails, cycling routes and viewing platforms here.  

Kolding fiskeri i Lillebælt
Destination Lillebaelt

Fishing in Kolding

There are many places to fish in Kolding. Find them here and read about other things to know when fishing in Denmark. For example, when do you need a fishing licence when you are out with your fishing rod?

Picnic muligheder i Kolding

Picnic shelters

If you want to enjoy your packed lunch on your bike ride or hike - or if you’ve packed a big picnic basket - you’ll find plenty of places here to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the food you’ve brought. 

Naturtur Skamlingsbanken i Kolding
Museum Kolding

Skamlingsbanken near Kolding

Visit Skamlingsbanken near Kolding and enjoy the unique nature. Discover the new visitor centre with the most amazing views and learn about the unique history of the area and its importance to the region.

Kanoer ved Harteværket

Harteværket in Kolding

Harteværket is beautifully situated in a small green oasis close to Kolding. The old power station has a fascinating history. And it runs today. Play with your children. Or rent a canoe and go for a short or longer trip. You can also take a walk along the trail system towards Harte and around Ferup Lake. From here you can get to Troldhedestien into Marielund Forest in Kolding city centre. 

Klatrepark i Kolding
Funky Monkey Park

GoMonkey in Kolding

Experience the thrill of a cable car ride or try your hand at climbing high up in the treetops. GoMonkey is close to Kolding city centre and offers challenges for all ages and levels.

Destination Trekantomraadet-kajak-NaturparkLillebaelt

Nature park Little Belt

Photo: Destination Trekantområdet
Ride MTB in the Marielund forest in Kolding

Cycling holiday in Kolding

Photo: Destination Lillebaelt
Strand i Kolding
Destination Lillebaelt

Beaches in Kolding

Kolding is located next to the Little Belt, which means you can enjoy the many east-facing, child-friendly beaches. Many of them are within cycling distance of the city. Otherwise, you can find the beach by car or bus.

Dame paa geocaching

The forests near Kolding

A walk in the forest is always a good experience. You can go to Marielund Forest in Kolding, with lovely routes and beautiful scenery but you’ll also find many other forests and nature reserves worth a visit.

Hundeskov i Kolding

Dog forests in Kolding

In and around Kolding, you will find several dog forests where your dog can feel the joy of running off the lead. Provided, that is, that you have complete control of the dog, which also applies to most beaches, where dogs are allowed to run off the lead from 1 October to 1 March. However, check the signs on the beach, as dogs are not allowed to run free everywhere. Please also note that being in the dog forests is at your own risk.

Overnat i en hytte i Kolding

Accommodation in the open air

More and more people have discovered the joys of spending the night outdoors. Want to join the trend? Then find some of the options in Kolding here. See the list and read more about the individual places in nature where you can stay overnight. 

Dykning Kolding
Visit Kolding

Diving in Kolding and the Little Belt

There are excellent opportunities for diving in the Little Belt. It’s a unique stretch of water with strong currents that creates a varied seabed and fantastic underwater experiences. There is the possibility of many different dives and fine underwater hunting.

Nature trails in Kolding Municipality

The are many nature trails just waiting for you to go for a walk or a bike ride. Get inspired for your next trip with a click or download the inspiration in a PDF file here: Nature trails in Kolding Municipality.